At this first article I would like to discuss about the battle of two top blender which are Blendtec and Vitamix. Last time a friend ask me about this two Blender brands, and wondering which is should be the first choice to be placed in our kitchen.

The background
These days, people exposed with a lot of toxins from the environment or food. One of way to reduce or counter it is by having a healthier foods. Many people like to become vegan, some of them like to make a smoothie to help them detox the body from the toxins. Base on there are some benefits for consuming smoothie that which can be read on here

Meanwhile to be able to make a great smoothie with a tasty flavor we need a high quality blender that can produce a high speed rotation on the blades, that will crush any single ingredients you mix on the container.

The blender itself need to finish the smoothie creation in a matter a minute otherwise the longer time it needed the more heat will be produced which can turn down the nutrition of the vegetables or fruits you have.

A high quality blender will not only crush the ingredients to smallest particles but also make the taste even better.

Blendtec and the contender Vitamix


When my friend asked me, I never able to give the great reason why she needs to take the Blendtec or the opposite to go with Vitamix. I would say both are amazing blender. Both are made in USA, both have a long warranty and both are equipped with high power of machine.

Since we both cannot find a good reason which one to buy, we start to search on the internet, and find a good references from which has a very comprehensive review about two of them.

We then notice some different that we prefer to go with it, that Vitamix has better blades axis which really covered with metal, something that remind us that our previous blender has problem with the blades axis that become rusty and cannot turn at all.

Beside that I would say Blendtec is not a bad idea too, I like how the provide the touch screen on the base to operate since we are smartphone lovers too.

So keep in mind this is just a personal opinion with some reference and preference all back to you as the user.